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Melbourne Bridal Fashion Week


Held in the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, MBFW (not to be confused with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) was my first expedition into the world of bridal fashion. Not to mention, the first time I have ever set foot into the beautiful Exhibition Building. I mean, look at that stunning roof! I also now have a newfound interest in couture wedding gowns. If you guys are ever in need of wedding dress inspiration, this event will do the trick. The exhibition featured the likes of designers Calvin Klein, Con Ilio, Galia Lahav, Jack Sullivan and Gibson. Did you attend Bridal Fashion Week this year? What were some of your favourite looks?

40 Floaty Frocks for Spring


You guys, spring has finally sprung- well, in theory, not in practice. It’s been quite dreary and cold in Perth recently, considering we are already almost halfway through spring. However, I’ve taken this as a sign that I can wear both winter AND summer clothes (sometimes even on the same day, thanks to Perth’s two-faced weather). I’ve especially been loving this floaty, airy frock from Beginning Boutique– every time I wear it, I feel like all I need is an umbrella and I’ll take off floating into the air, à la Mary Poppins.

Photography: Taylor Mitchell

Makeup: Alba Artistry of Makeup

Hair: Go to Gilly Hair


Love this look? Here are 40 MORE for you to feast your eyes on.

-Daz x

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016


Ahh, Fashion Week. How have you come around so soon? Is it really September already? Let’s not think about it! For all those fortunate enough to attend Fashion Week in major fashion capitals such as New York or Milan, you would know all about the allure and the hectic excitement that transpires around this time of year. As for me, I was in my little city, Perth, but our local Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was far from quaint. I was fortunate enough to attend as part of the media crew, and got to capture the below images from the front row (as best as my iPhone could do!). Here are some of my favourite looks from TPFF.


One Fell Swoop

This show was breathtaking- the runway featured Grecian-looking statues and a smoke machine that permeated as far as the audience. The collection featured an array of floating, swaying silks and it really did have a captivating, ethereal beauty. I especially dig the citron yellow number (although it wouldn’t fit in with my minimalist colour palette).


Future Runway

Full of Perth’s hottest student designers, Future Runway was far from an amateur catwalk show. The designs were crazy and quite ingenious- check out Mr Pom Pom over there, his outfit speaks for itself. And would you just look at those cage dresses- I’ll take them both please (for Halloween, of course)!

Did you guys attend Fashion Week? What were some of your favourite looks?



Thrifty Threads (Guide to Op-shops)


Opportunity shops (or thrift stores for my transpacific counterparts) are an awesome way to bag some quality designer pieces at a fraction of the price. Here are some items you should keep an eye out for when browsing thrift stores, and some items to avoid buying second-hand.

1. T-shirts 

These are a dime a dozen- you can find a Tshirt in just about every clothing store you walk into. However, modern, mass produced T-shirts are not in the same league as a vintage Harley Tee, for instance. They bring a certain maturity and character that is simply lacking in their brand new counterparts.

What to look for:
Quality- this means a certain durability and consistency to the fabric. If a T-shirt has survived many years of ownership without wear and tear, you can just tell that the quality must be great. Bonus: you never have to see another person wearing the same shirt as you.

If pre-loved outfits just aren’t your thing, that’s cool. If you don’t mind cashing out for it, Verge Girl has got your back. They have plenty of vintage- inspired tees that look great and are brand-spanking new. 

2. Button up shirts and dresses

Missing buttons? Don’t stress, you can easily sew them on. Don’t worry if the shirt is a few sizes too big, as I prefer my button up shirts loose, to be worn over leggings or tucked into shorts.

What to look for:


An interesting and unique pattern in a durable quality fabric is hard to find- I can’t go past a good paisley print on satin fabric, as it doesn’t really crease so it’s perfect for travel! 

3. Jeans

You can wear them as pants, or you can do something even better- turn them into shorts! You can simply cut them off, leaving them frayed or you can have them hemmed so they look good as new. 

What to look for:
Bonus points if you can find interesting detail such as embroidery, studs or patchwork, such as these shorts I picked up for $10.


4. Jackets and coats

Sophia Amoruso once found a Chanel jacket for $8 that later sold on eBay for over $1000. While it’s rare that you will get so lucky, you can find some real designer gems if you look hard enough. My boyfriend found an original Wu Tang Clang jacket from the 90s for just $3!

5. Jewellery 

I have my dad to thank for getting me into op shopping. He knows a thing or two about precious gemstones and their worth, and I was surprised to learn that once in while, a ring marked for $10 could be worth a lot more. Again, this is rare, but it is very easy to scout decent quality jewelery if you know what to look for. 

What to look for:
Here’s a little little article to help you on your path to becoming a vintage jewelry expert (or at least knowing how to spot a bargain or two).

6. Shoes

Personally, this is the one item I tend to avoid. Something about wearing someone’s sweaty old shoes just doesn’t tickle my fancy. However, even I can’t go past a true gem if I spot one. If you see a pair of shoes that are designer or vintage, but don’t wish to wear them yourself, you can always resell them on eBay for a lot more than you bought them for. 

What to look for: 
Signs of wear and tear such as scuff marks or broken straps. The most important thing to look for is quality and durability- some scuff marks are not an issue as they can be polished out. 

Some items should be bought brand new, so avoid buying them at thrift stores. 

These include:

Lotions, perfumes and makeup- Lotions and perfumes have an expiry date, so I don’t recommend purchasing them at these stores. And used makeup? Well that’s just plain nasty.

Hats and sunglasses- These are fine as long as you remember to wash and sanitise the hell out of them. That is, unless you like the idea of head lice or conjunctivitis.

Underwear and bras- Do I really need to say more on this?

Does anyone have any other recommendations for hitting up thrift stores? Hope you found this guide somewhat helpful!

-Daz x

Stowaway Girl


My Stow Locket has arrived, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Stow is a New Zealand company that creates stunning jewellery such as rings and earrings, as well as  customisable lockets like the one I have above. I wanted my locket to be special to me, so I chose charms that I feel like I resonate with. I list them all below:

Silver Stowaway Girl- because of that little part of me that is just a little bit ballsy and daring. Come on, putting yourself out there to do what you love, at the risk of facing criticism and harsh judgment, always takes a fair bit of courage.

Freshwater Pearl- just because. Pearls have always been my go-to choice for jewellery, as I think they are timeless, classic, and flattering on just about everyone. I’m all about that feminine aesthetic!

Rosegold Wishing Stars- ask anyone and they will tell you that I’m a huge dreamer. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it has gotten me into trouble in the past (not paying attention in class, for example). Nevertheless, it is inevitably part of who I am, and having big dreams has gotten me incredible opportunities so far. I truly believe that all you need is a dream, hard work, resourcefulness and perseverance to live the life you have always imagined. Plus, rosegold is one of my all-time weaknesses!

You can get your own personalised locket here.

Instagram: @stowlockets

-Daria x 

Retro Shoot for Little Dove Design


Here we have the ultimate retro girl: she is vivacious, fun-loving and free-spirited. With a wicked sense of humour and a love for bold statement jewellery, she doesn’t follow trends but rather carves her own path in life. Enter Little Dove Design- beautifully unique handrolled clay jewellery to adorn any modern siren’s neck with just a hint of a blast from the past.

Location: Kings Park, Perth

Model/ Stylist: Daria Varlamova (Instagram: @dazvarlamova)
Jewellery: Little Dove Design (Instagram: @littledovedesign)
Photography: Terry Lok (Instagram: @terrylokphotography)
Hair and Makeup: Bianca Tuzee Artistry (Instagram: @trapuekam)

Telling the Time in Pastels



I have a confession to make. For the better part of my life I was really, really late- like, EVERYWHERE. School, meeting with friends, you name it. Well, a lot has changed, because now I make a point to be on time- well, to the important things anyway! This month I’ve been obsessing over pastel hues, namely pale pinks and rose gold. Well, my passion for these colours as well as my incessant desire to be on time had led to my prayers been answered, in the form of this rose gold watch. Seriously, this watch brand is the bees knees- amazing quality, stylish look and a helpful customer service team make for a clear winner in the luxury watch department- oh, and did I mention that for every watch purchased, Barbas and Zacari donate $5 to the Cancer Foundation on your behalf? Even better, you can use my code DAZVAR at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Well, watcha waiting for?